Tingling and tingling in the Hugo packet
The buck who cannot hear the buckaroos;
Slates tore apart; the Cabal could not hold;
Mere trollery was loosed on the Worldcon,
The fanosphere was loosed, and everywhere
Hypocrisy and cliquishness were found;
The SMOFs lacked all conviction, and the worst
Were full of disingenuosity.

Surely nullification is at hand;
Surely another Shunning is at hand.
Another Shunning! Hardly are those words out
When some free read on Kindle Unlimited
Tries to hook your short attention span:
A shape with raptor body and the abs of a man,
Or something else completely overdone,
Is pounding its own butt, while all about it
Facepalm the despondent SF fans.

The Ustream plays again but now I know
That our coming Fannish generation
Is vexed to nightmare by a rocket trophy,
And which hard bud, his retweets rising fast,
Campaigns towards Helsinki for an award?

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